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David Ringsell

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My next group exhibition is on the theme of Light. It is at The Claremont Community Centre, Eastbourne Avenue Bath, BA1 6EN from 23rd October to 13th January 2020. You are welcome to visit the cafe on Thursdays betweem 10 am and 1 pm.

The space will also be open for viewing on Saturdays (monthly) as follows:

  • November 9th (with Art & Craft Show) 10:30 to 4pm
  • December 7th 10 to 1pm
  • January 11th 10 to 1pm
  • Other dates and events to be confirmed.

The harmonious architecture of his home city Bath has inspired many recent paintings. I provide a contemporary take on classic architecture.

The work also includes dramatic landscapes from around the world including Tokyo, San Francisco and New Zealand.

These striking compositions are realistic but retain a painterly quality. Sometimes areas of the painting are left blank to emphasize the contrast between reality and its representation. There is a craftsman like attention to detail.

The works are created in mixed media by combining acrylic paint, pen and pencil. The underlying pencil marks used to draw the composition remain visible in places. This adds a dynamic quality to the work that reveals its creation process.

I have previously exhibited my work extensively in the Bath area. I have exhibited as part of Larkhall Open Studios from 2009 to 2019. I was on the committee of the Open Studios for 4 years, where I designed and curated the artists' website. My work has been shown in three Bath galleries. Also, at an exhibition at the Octagon where I won a prize for best painting. This prize was based on votes by the public.

"I aim to present a contemporary perspective on some familiar places. I often focus on the darker side of Bath architecture; peeling paint and stained stonework."

Also take a look at drawings and photographs.


1994-1996 Exhibited drawings at the summer exhibitions at Lauderdale House, Highgate, London.

2003-2005 Exhibited drawings at the summer exhibitions at Bath City College.

2002 Exhibited photographs of Bath at the Framing Workshop, Bath.

2005 Exhibited paintings at the British Art Academy, Bath.

2006 Exhibited paintings at the Two Dragons of Bath Gallery.

2007 Finalist in the Bath Prize Competition and Exhibition.

2009-2019 Exhibited paintings for the Larkhall Open Studios.

2009-2013 Committee member for Larkhall Open Studios.

2013 Delivered workshops in landscape painting for the Larkhall Open Studios.

2013 Exhibited Bath landscape paintings at the Imagianation Gallery, Bath.

2017 Curated and presented two solo shows at the Beaufort Restaurant, Bath.

2019 Curated and presented a solo show at the Royal United Hospital, Bath.

2019 Print exhibited at the Spiritual Care Centre at The Royal United Hospital, Bath.

2019 Curated and presented a solo show at the The Claremont Community Centre, Bath.

2019 Prints on sale at the Bath Tourist Office shop.

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