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Contemporary Art Prints and Paintings of Classic Bath Architecture

“I aim to present a contemporary perspective on some familiar places. I often focus on the darker side of Bath architecture; peeling paint and stained stonework.” David Ringsell

The harmonious architecture of my home city Bath has inspired many recent paintings. I provide a contemporary take on classic architecture.

These striking compositions are realistic but retain a painterly quality. Sometimes areas of the painting are left blank to emphasize the contrast between reality and its representation. There is a craftsman like attention to detail.

I work primarily in acrylic paint. This is a media my love and I have been using it since I was 15 years old. It dries more quickly than oil paint, so multiple layers of paint can be rapidly built up, and mistakes quickly fixed.  But I also use pencil, pen, and acrylic marker pens. This mixed media approach creates some interesting surfaces.  I paint on thick grey card which provides a neutral background tone.

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I paint from photographs that I take and edit myself. I first search Bath for striking examples of architecture. Where possible I include water in my compositions. The River Avon as it flows under Pulteney Bridge is included in several paintings. Bath Abbey and local churches have also featured in my work

Before I start a painting, I complete a smaller ink drawing. This allows me to explore the composition, colours and the overall meaning of the work.

My wider landscape work includes Tokyo, San Francisco, and New Zealand. These are places I have visited with my wife in the last 20 years. When I travel, I always take art materials

I provide a contemporary take on classic architecture.

Exhibitions: David Ringsell

  • 2007 Finalist in the Bath Prize Competition and Exhibition
  • 2009-2020 Exhibited paintings for the Larkhall Open Studios
  • 2013 Exhibited Bath landscape paintings at the Imagianation Gallery, Bath
  • 2017 Curated and presented two solo shows at the Beaufort Restaurant, Bath
  • 2019 Curated and presented a solo show at the Royal United Hospital, Bath
  • 2019 Print exhibited at the Spiritual Care Centre at the Royal United Hospital, Bath
  • 2019 Curated and presented a solo show at the Claremont Community Centre, Bath
  • 2019 Prints sold at the Visit Bath Shop
  • 2020 Painting featured in the Bath Magazine
  • 2020/21 Exhibited paintings for Summer and Winter Exhibitions at The Art Cohort, Bath
  • 2020 Exhibited paintings and prints in the RUH HEROES exhibition and auction at the Art Bar, Abbey Hotel, Bath
  • 2021 Exhibited paintings and prints in the RUH HEROES exhibition at The Royal United Hospital
The Artery

Art Prints by David Ringsell, Available in a Range of Sizes

Paintings featured in the Bath Magazine

David Ringsell is a member of The SAA , Bath Open Studios and The Guild. He has sold prints in the Visit Bath shop.

Bath Open Studios
The Guild
Conscious Cafe

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